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Get to Know Me Tag

Hey guys, it’s Lois! I have been seeing this tag around for quite a while now and thought it would be a lot of fun to do. Even if it is just procrastination from the uni work I am meant to be doing. It just gives me a little break. Vital Stats: Name: Lois Nicknames: Lolo, Lo…… Continue reading Get to Know Me Tag

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February Wrap-Up and March TBR

Hello all, it’s Lois! February was another spectacular month! I am so happy with how this blog is going along. I have posted something on this blog everyday of this month and that is a huge achievement for me! I have dedicated an awful lot of time to blogging this month and I couldn’t be…… Continue reading February Wrap-Up and March TBR

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Pottermore Sorting

Hey guys, it’s Lois, I felt like doing a post today showing what Hogwarts House, Ilvermorny House I am sorted into, my patronus and my wand. Hope you enjoy! Hogwarts House I am a Ravenclaw! I was so happy when I was sorted into Ravenclaw because I had always thought I was a Ravenclaw from…… Continue reading Pottermore Sorting

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Harry Potter Book Tag

Hey guys, it’s Lois. I was tagged in this amazing tag by the lovely BirdieBookworm in the Harry Potter tag. As most people know I absolutely adore Harry Potter so I was ecstatic to find out I had been tagged in this book tag. Be sure to check out Birdie’s blog for all things books. So, without…… Continue reading Harry Potter Book Tag

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Why is 1984 Relevant Today? – Part One

Hey everyone, it’s David, I hope this doesn’t seem like a 1984 overload, but I was planning to make this post part of my 1984 review. I decided against it in the end as I thought it would end up being much too long and there was easily enough content for three posts. In recent…… Continue reading Why is 1984 Relevant Today? – Part One